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Laura Hollis gets the Phi Mu's excited about rush 3. INVOLVEMENT Sports 98 Organizations 148 Honors 208 . Kathy Adams, Cindy Mosley, and Cathy Vinzant relax during Dixie Week 2.

And Homecoming is the perfect example of the loyal, die-hard partying reputation of Ole Miss. Testen Sie hier Ihr geographisches Wissen uber Deutschland und Europa. Es stehen Ihnen zur Zeit 8 verschiedene Themenbereiche mit insgesamt uber 120 interaktiven Fragen anhand von Kartenmaterial bereit: Deutschland-Quiz: Bei einer Vielzahl der Fragen werden zusatzliche Web-Links zur eigenen Recherche des Aufgabenkomplexes gegeben. And, somehow, the weekend seems to come a little bit sooner!— f Relaxa Hon — 1 1 EXCELLENCE « v/ ■if V ff 's.,.1 7\ h V^l^ ■cj T Academic excellence along with a qualified faculty have made Ole Miss a nationally acclaimed university.When it comes to making new friends, there is no better surroundings than the warm, friendly atmosphere of Ole Miss.

Freshmen quickly become a part of the friendly smiles and faces for which this school is famous. i When it's time to relax after a hard week of tests, meetings, and eight o'clock classes, for most Ole Miss students there is only one solution - cruisin' to Pete's One Stop for a cold beer and then on to Sardis in a Jeep filled with friends.

Through the determined efforts of its students, Ole Miss maintains perfection in all areas of college life. X 'V\ »^:; 2m^ 12 — F.xcfllfncc Excellence — 13 TRADITION Ole Miss was founded as a conservative, high standard university and today stands on the grounds of tradition.

Pep rallies at the Peabody, Confederate flags at football games, Dixie Week, and "Hotty Toddy" are rich traditions in the Ole Miss heritage.

Whether it is walking to class, meeting friends at Happy Hour, or cheering for the Rebels, you'll always see a familiar face and the welcoming smile of an Ole Miss student. On those gorgeous sun-drenched afternoons when the temperature is 79° and it's only Wednesday, you just have to take time off from that accounting book to play in the sun.

Throwing the frisbee, playing tennis, biking down f rat row to Baskin Robbins, ^ jogging across campus, or just talking with an old friend makes that accounting problem a little less difficult.

Personality — 5 BEAUTY 6 — Bvauly The campus is picturesque, regardless of the season.