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My story sparked an immediate spike in demand, but, back in December, Winthrop had no way of knowing whether the demand would be permanent.

He also argued that scaling up has been good for the company.To understand this decision, it helps to know the three-step process for making an American Giant hoodie.First, raw cotton gets knitted into spooled fabric, a process that takes about 50 days.“Why has it been so difficult to ramp-up after getting what really should have been the greatest break any company can get? “And, does this actually show their view of manufacturing to be fundamentally flawed?Perhaps this episode just confirms the thesis that the Apple version of a manufacturing process—with Chinese suppliers willing to locate near each other and put their workers through extraordinary demands for time-sensitive production—is the only way to maximize revenue.” I called Winthrop to ask him about all this.(American Giant’s hoodie sells for $79, which is more than you’d pay at the Gap or American Apparel, but about the same as hoodies at Levi’s, J.

Crew, and Banana Republic.) American Giant’s trick to maintaining quality at reasonable prices is to cut out middlemen.

Then the fabric must be finished and dyed, which takes about 15 days.

Finally, the fabric is cut and sewn into a finished product. In total, then, American Giant’s pipeline—the time it takes from ordering raw material to getting a bunch of sweatshirts—is about 3 1/2 months long.

American Giant, by contrast, designs and manufactures its own clothes and sells everything through its own website.

Because there are no middlemen, American Giant can spend a lot more time and money making better clothes.

Why couldn’t American Giant keep up, and would it have been able to handle the sudden demand more deftly if, like most clothing companies, it manufactured its goods in Asia?