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(I am finally getting around to writing this webpage on my attic satellite antenna system.

”Nearly 16 percent of Connecticut’s population has Hispanic or Latino origins, and their rich cultural heritage can be found across the state.A lot of us AMSAT geeks really enjoy working the dozen or more ham radio satellites while we are out standing in our fields…and roads and hills and beaches and mountaintops and…Well, yougettheidea.I personally find it very cool to be able to use an HT and a handheld beam antenna and bounce my signal off a satellite 600 to 700 miles out in space that is traveling over 16,000 miles an hour – helping me have a conversation with another ham on the other side of the United States or Canada – or with someone in the Caribbean or all the way down to Brazil in South America.Now, there’s even […]The Connecticut NAACP is calling on police to immediately file a felony hate crime charge against a white former college student accused of smearing body fluids on her black roommate's belongings.In South Windsor, police say they arrested three men, suspecting they'd stolen and ditched a car after they were spotted walking the streets in the wee hours without coats, despite temperatures in the mid-30s.So, I had to figure out what additional stuff I could stuff in my attic!

At the time of these attic adventures, my attic antennas included: 2 m and 440 J-Pole; 2 m and 440 slim jim; 9:1 unun fed 32 foot longwire, a Diamond Discone antenna and a noise dipole cut for 20 m to use with my MFJ 1026 noise canceling filter.

The whole K3RRR contraption construction list that I used for my attic satellite antenna system included the following: Note that the PVC mast length for your location may vary considerably depending upon your roof, joist, rafter design and spacing. We have standard 24″ joists so I just cut a board that was a bit longer and marked the board for the drilled holes.

This is a photo of the Elk 2M/440L5 Dual-Band Antenna (cost is about $125 new….

” Seriously, the foam does help when you get sweaty palms working portable.

The good news is that nothing is glued on this set up so it is easy to pop off the entire antenna and still use it portable.

I originally tried to use my J-Pole for satellite work hoping that the 435 MHz preamp would compensate for the attic location and a less than ideal antenna.