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Bruise dating

Preconceived ideas regarding racial, cultural or economic norms as well as the strong feelings elicited when children may have been intentionally injured are confounding factors complicating the evaluation of suspected child abuse.This article will review the physician's role in caring for children who are suspected victims of physical abuse.

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The first published report in contemporary medical literature was in 1946,1 and the term “battered-child syndrome” was coined in 1962.2 Reports of child abuse are increasing as the medical profession gains experience in recognizing the signs and symptoms of physical abuse.When the patient's injuries are attributed to another child, the other child's developmental ability must be considered.A complicated and challenging scenario arises when the caregiver accuses an adult from whom the caregiver is divorced or separated as the perpetrator.physicians ability to date bruises based on examination or photographs is now. Vanezis (1997), (quoted from Robinson 2000) used and so on color photometry to date bruises and concluded that yellow discoloration is visible after about 24.People with these conditions bruise easily and more than normal.. THE AGEING OF BRUISES A REVIEW AND STUDY OF THE COLOUR. ent one day disappear the next, only to reappear at a later date. Definition Healing Color Change Treatment When to Call Definition. I receive a lot of questions about determining the age of bruises. a body chart or incident form and indicate the color,.Children are commonly injured accidentally, and a history of age-appropriate injury, not witnessed, should not by itself raise the suspicion of child abuse.

However, injury resulting from inappropriate supervision may raise the issue of neglect, a form of child abuse.

However, the patterns of injuries seen in children who are physically abused differ from injuries seen in children who are hurt accidentally.

The physical manifestations of nonaccidental trauma are varied and most commonly involve the skin, bone or central nervous system.

When the medical evaluation is inconsistent with the history provided by the child's caregiver, physical abuse should be seriously considered.

Young children are commonly injured accidentally in the course of daily activities and play.

bruises A bruise is generally understood to mean an area of haemorrhage caused by the leakage of blood from ruptured vessels (including capillaries, but predominantly. The aging of bruises a review study of the color changes. Dating Of Bruises In Children An Assessment Of Physician Accuracy. Can Color Inhomogeneity Of Bruises Be Used To Establish Their Age? Early identification of bruises resulting from child abuse can allow for intervention and prevent. Dating of Bruises in Children An Assessment of Physician Accuracy. omparing the appearance of a bruise with the history described by.