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Chinese dating sites shanghai

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He’s also met women who like him, but who he thought were “nagging” or had “bad auras.”“Shanghai’s female comrades are pretty shrewd,” Sun said of the women cruising at Ikea.

Shanghai is already the greyest major city in the country, and by the end of 2015 about 30% of the locally registered population was over the age of 60, twice the national figure.Given the mass migration in China from rural areas to big cities, and between cities as well, that’s a situation that comes up a lot.Liu Xiaoying, 61, who is originally from Beijing, told me that she rebuffed one guy because his first line was “Are you a Shanghainese?Her two daughters, who own big apartments in Shenzhen and northern Qingdao city, want to “till she got rejected many times for simply being an “outlander,” meaning that she is originally from another part of China.Although Shanghai is considered a very international city, locals, particularly older ones, still seek other locals first, making the dating scene tough for anyone who has migrated to the big city from outside.One of these even slept with both an Ikea cafe regular, and her daughter, who is in her 40s, two people told me.

There’s a “vicious circle” in the dating scenes at the Ikea cafe, said Xu Jianmei, a 59-year old with wine red hair, tattooed on eyebrows, and giant gold hoops, who was on her third visit.

The one example that anyone could remember was two well-off academics in their eighties, both of whom had worked in the US before.

The poor condition of housing aside, there used to be more intimate social engagement between neighbors, especially among the elderly, who would bring their bamboo lounge chairs to lanes on summer nights, or hang out at the nearby stores for hot tea and baths during winters.

“I’m here to give myself some hope,” he said, but he doubts he’ll actually “win the prize.”In the past three years, Sun has met several women he liked, but they haven’t liked him back—mostly, he claims, because of his financial status.

He gets a monthly pension of 4,000 yuan (about $580), and owns a one-bedroom apartment that’s 30 square meters, a comfortable situation for a Shanghai retiree, but he’s not wealthy by any means.

For several years, elderly Shanghai widows, widowers, divorcees, and the rare never-marrieds have met regularly at the cafeteria of Ikea’s Xuhui store seeking new mates.