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Consolidating personal loans

Credit and you'll receive fair interest rates and flexibility to pay off all of your debts - even if you have bad credit.

Borrow the money you need on the strength of your credit — no collateral necessary.One of those options is our Overdraft Line of Credit, which offers protection up to $500 and no fees.Overdraft Line of Credit Details: Even if you never end up needing this line of credit, it’s a great way to ensure you won't have to worry about being declined for a purchase or being without funds until your next pay day.P2P Credit makes applying for a debt consolidation loan hassle free.Simply click apply, select your estimated credit score, and provide some basic information about your financial situation.Same day funds will be unavailable if your loan purpose is to refinance NAB debts or if NAB requires your application to be reviewed by a lending specialist.

Smart banking is finding the right loan at the right terms.

Whether you're looking for a new car or need a loan with flexible collateral alternatives, our competitive rates and quick approvals can help get you what you need.

See Rates For questions, please call your local branch or our Customer Contact Center at 888.742.5272.

If you are, it’s as easy as saying “yes” to add this great benefit to your list of Overdraft Protection Sources which can also include a savings account, credit card, or special protection features like Debit Card Paid NSF. You can still enjoy the benefits of Overdraft Protection by applying for a Signature Line of Credit and choosing it as a source for Overdraft Protection.

Your Overdraft Protection preferences can be updated at any time inside Online Banking. If you wish to discuss your Overdraft Protection options or learn more about Patelco Checking and the Overdraft Line of Credit, simply visit us at any of our branches or call 800.358.8228. Overdraft Line of Credit may be offered automatically when a new checking account is opened in a Patelco branch. Rates range from 9.90% to 14.00% depending on qualifying Qualifile and FICO credit scores.

Patelco understands just how important a computer can be in today’s digital world. Holiday Loan payment example: $31.01 per month per $1,000 borrowed at 7.09% APR for 36 months.