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How difficult was it to get a publisher for your book and what was the timeframe involved with the process itself? It was an arduous journey of stubbornness that I would win an agent. Bill Gladstone gave me a break after a year of searching.

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What do you find the most difficult thing about writing? The most difficult is not getting carried away with the characters, when you discover them, you want to spend so much time around them and you must not deviate from the story. Who are some of the authors and historical figures that inspire you? Tolkien opened my eyes to the wonder of books, he was the greatest influence on me. Jesus and Mary Magdalene (the incarnation of the Sophia, divine mother) incarnate on earth to salvage the divine sparks within humans who are trapped here in this world. It is much deeper than the mainstream branches of Christianity, the Garden of Eden for example was a vile place, where the demiurges held humans captive, and the false god (blind god) is trying to dethrone the good god and take dominion, attempting to crush the divine mother and the Logos. He knew what he was doing and I trusted him to approach the right people which he did. Over thirty years is quite remarkable especially as the founder was a publisher for Random House.

Why did you choose Select Books Inc as the publisher for your book? So, it was the solace that I was in good knowledgeable hands plus they had excellent distribution which matters a lot.

You also bear the audience in mind and you sometimes find yourself tailoring your writing rather than allowing yourself to explore, I in particular, exercise restraint as I can let the horror elements become too heavy. GONZO GOZO: Azure Window Part I – Badfish and Chips Cafe 43.

The easiest thing is creating characters, my mind is replete with them.

Gnosticism also covers the topics of several messiahs coming in various forms throughout the ages, with the same backstory, trying to rescue humanity from darkness, hence all these mythical and historical figures having similar characteristics; virgin birth, a celestial parent, a death that is actually an initiation (Threefold Death) a form of transubstantiation and ascension. A New Conceptual Idea – 5 Books A Year By: This One’s For You! Sascha Darlington’s Microcosm Explored – Isn’t It Ironic? Trying going blindly, it might be better – ryan erickson 61.

The story is a perilous game where the truth is distorted and meddling ancient deities converge to partake of the unseen battle.

Well, on one benighted evening the fate of the lady of Red Fern Manor is irrevocably changed with the arrival of the Templar, Mikhail, bearing dangerous revelations.