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Dating a young man

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I noticed a handsome young guy walked toward me, and I could tell he had just gotten off work. Nothing he does annoys me, and believe me, I have quite a few pet peeves. Could I be a cougar if I unintentionally picked him up? Would his family think he was crazy for dating an older woman?His clothes were dirty and he carried a large lunch box with him. After our first few dates, I was at the point where I wondered if our relationship could be sustained. Would anyone I know think less of me for wanting to date him?

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Men have been dating younger women for centuries and people rarely think it to be odd.They have had enough time to come to terms and accept who they are, and what they want in life.They have also experienced enough to know what they can or cannot provide, and may find it unnecessary to “compete” with other females.But having a life plan and simply plunking a person into it is not healthy for either parties. Instead, having a vague outline of the things you both want to accomplish, and planning together is healthier than knowing you are one piece of a preconceived puzzle where everything has already been planned out.Planning together also ensures that neither parties can easily be replaced.When you find someone that speaks to your heart, age really does not matter.

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Maturity does not correlate to a person’s age, and it seems that there are many benefits of dating younger men.

Many authors argue that age has nothing to do with love.

Connecting and speaking the same soulful “language” as someone is a rarity that must be treasured when found.

Older women have had time to think of what they want in life.

I responded, “Um, I think I’m a bit older than you think I am.” I smiled at him sweetly. Older women know what they are and what they aren’t.