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Dating event key lalockandkeyevents com lock party single

Will you owe your suitor eternal commitment for better or worse, or just another meeting in a romantic restaurant, a drink, a phone number or an email address? 'None so far, but I'll keep going.' Once we'd matched, we both headed to a table in the corner.

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One older man was wearing a tweed jacket and wore his hair gelled to one side.'I don't meet new people in day-to-day life because I have a set group of friends.All these new events provide a guarantee of meeting men of a similar age to me who are fun and single.' Natalie has signed up to Speed Dater UK, which has grown from running one night a month at the start of 2003 to 30 a week, with more than 30,000 people registered with them. On Valentine's Day, she will be joining 300 others for 'Blind Valentines' in south London.The first clue that this was not the stereotypical singles event designed to give desperate love-seekers one last chance was the location: Nell's bar is one of London's top venues that has played host to David and Victoria Beckham, Claudia Schiffer and Kylie Minogue. Circle the room, try out the keys and if it opens your lock, take it to the desk and hand it in for a new one.' I took a deep breath and ventured inside. He picked up the golden lock and placed the tiny key into the slot. With prizes including flights to Sydney and designer watches, there was quite an incentive to find more keys for my new lock, and this gimmick acted as the perfect excuse for singletons to wander around and chat to new people.As I headed into the basement, I was handed a padlock. Apart from the keys or padlocks hanging around every neck, it looked like any other night, with groups standing together drinking and chatting. It felt more like a fashionable party where everyone knew everyone else than a sordid singles night.Many thousands, perhaps millions worldwide, form serious relationships as a result of these methods.

In the future, there will be more quantity and even greater variety.' Short cuts Speed dating: You're paired off and given limited time to get to know one another before moving on to another prospect.

To make sure things go smoothly, Natalie will be taking tips from her dating books.

With the market for single nights booming, publishers are taking full advantage with a stack of new books to help you along.

Later in the night, with more alcohol consumed, I saw one couple holding up their address books and mobile phones, arranging to meet again.

Another man was politely asking for a woman's email address: 'It would be good to see you again,' he said.

This may be a manufactured event, but the many contented twentysomethings eyeing up potential partners provided proof that this craze, like many of the new wave of dating games now arriving in Britain, may actually work.