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Dating non blood related family

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The Commission determined that where non-related supervisor/subordinate employees share the same household under circumstances where there is financial interdependence, there must be an intermediate supervisory level between the two and the higher placed employee should have no supervisory or signing authority regarding personnel matters affecting the subordinate employee. 9-94, the Commission determined that the Conflicts Law was not violated by virtue of the fact that a Manager, Division of Motor Vehicles, Department of Law and Public Safety, worked in the same facility as his two cousins.Because the cousins were not members of the Manager's immediate family, as defined in section 13(i) of the Conflicts Law, the Commission determined that a supervisor/subordinate relationship was not per se prohibited under Commission precedent.

The Commission determined that there were indications that the State employee violated sections 23(e)(3) and (7) of the Conflicts Law.After reviewing the various violations, the Commission concurred with the Department's findings and approved the proposed sanction. 32-90, the Commission reviewed an allegation that the Warren County Conservation District ("District") had contracted with the District Manager's wife for financial and bookkeeping services without public announcement or advertisement of the availability of the contractual position.The Commission determined that the circumstances surrounding the contract were violative of section 23(e)(3), the unwarranted privilege section of the statute.The Commission ordered that her son's employment with the District be terminated and that a complaint against the District Manager be prepared.The Commission later approved a consent order in this matter. 2-93, the Commission found indications of violations of section 23(e)(3), unwarranted privilege, and 23(e)(7), appearance of impropriety, in connection with the Director of the Library of the Blind and Handicapped's hiring and supervision of her daughter for summer employment.The employee directly monitored the organization's performance under the contract.

After the employee's supervisor learned of his daughter's employment, the employee was relieved of all monitoring responsibilities.

(2) A relative of the commissioner or head of a principal department in the Executive Branch of State Government shall not be employed in an office or position in the unclassified service of the civil service of the State in the principal department over which the commissioner or head of the principal department exercises authority, supervision, or control. It should be noted that these cases were decided prior to the March 2006 Nepotism amendment.

(1) A relative of the Governor shall not be employed in an office or position in the unclassified service of the civil service of the State in the Executive Branch of State Government. D-17.2(b) deals with the concurrent casino-related employment of immediate family members while N. Summarized below are sample Commission cases that address a number of common family member scenarios.

The position was never advertised to the job-seeking public and the Director did not use any of the State contractors who normally performed the services in question.

The Commission approved a consent order with the Director. 23-96, the Commission issued a complaint alleging that a Deputy Superintendent of Elections violated the Conflicts Law when, among other activities, she hired and supervised six family members.

Because Members of the County Boards of Taxation act in a quasi-judicial capacity, the Commission was guided by cases interpreting the Canons of Judicial Ethics as applied to family member situations.