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Dating show elimidate

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He was hot, but watching his date reminded me why I had declined a second date.

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The show, which featured neighbors redecorating each other's rooms and is often credited with jump-starting the home renovation boom in America, isn't the only returning fan-favorite: is also returning.Not giving a rat's ass whether I was chosen, and doubtful that I would be, I felt comfortable and cocky.I wore a tarty sheer top with a bright red bra and showed no fear for the camera, or for speaking candidly about everything from whips to nipples. A few weeks later, after nearly dismissing the whole thing, one of the producers called to say I'd been selected as one of THE four girls--all but one of whom would wind up elimi DATEd.Most of its appeal comes from the opportunity to rip on the inevitably unflattering, whorish lengths people go to in order to win."Does this sound like something you'd like to audition for?I WILL be on national television and I WILL be looking like an ass. It's also a time for running into people I haven't seen recently, most of whom keep telling me it was a stupid idea in the first place.

I find myself wondering where these people were a month ago, when a series of random circumstances culminated in the mini Post-it note that was scrawled and slapped on my bedroom door. The Trepidation "It's a reality TV show, where four girls or four guys go on a date at the same time with one guy or one girl.

During the span of time before shooting took place, I was inundated by friends and acquaintances alerting me to the fact that people I know actually watch this show.

In fact, I was offered a crash course in how to defeat my competition by a group of loyal viewers--all male--who routinely heckle the contestants between bong hits.

I drove home paranoid and shaking, giggling maniacally and kissing a fond goodbye to my dignity.

That done, I blundered ahead in the name of curiosity and kicks, keeping in touch with a series of bubbly voices on the telephone telling me I was awesome, gonna win, etc.

" After snorting my way through their quiz and posing for a couple head shots, I was summoned upstairs, where I was greeted and asked to turn around in front of a camera.