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Emo text chat lines

Re-upload the smileys ensuring that they are transferred in BINARY format.Some FTP programs have an auto-detect setting which will upload files in the correct format without user intervention. The smiley images in Word Press are automatically given a CSS class of wp-smiley when they are displayed in a post.

If smileys work for others at your site but not for you: Type a space before and after your smiley text.By default, Word Press automatically converts text smileys to graphic images.When you type in your post you see when you preview or publish your post.Tap the Play Store icon and search for Facebook, Twitter, or Linked In.Add Text, Captions, Speech Bubbles, Memes, And Cool Effects To Pictures And Photos.If you want to let others know that you're angry or upset about something, there are a wide variety of angry emoticons and emoji to choose from.

In addition to making phone calls, playing games, and listening to your favorite tunes, you can use your Galaxy S III for social and business networking, as well as keep up with the news of the day.

Tap the Remove Account button and confirm the removal in the dialog box that appears.

: Other Ways to Keep Current with Social Networking Although the Flipboard feeds are in a convenient format, you may prefer another option for checking recent Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, or other SNS activity.

The smiley or emoticon image graphics are found in the directory.

Note that smileys is spelled 'eys' in this documentation and the directory name for the smiley images is 'smilies, spelled 'ies'. Upload the images you want with the same name to your server (say in wp-content/images/smilies) and put this in your theme's function.php: That will replace you recently uploaded the images, it could be that the images have been uploaded in ASCII format by your FTP program.

If your main interest is keeping up with Facebook, Twitter, or Linked In friends, one of the simplest methods is to use the preinstalled Flipboard app.