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The levels themselves aren't the problem: it's the new abilities and enhancements that come along with them.

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Blizzard wasn't just inventing the rules of the game.While the Burning Legion has been the big-bad for quite some time, there's bigger threats that players have already had a taste of.The world-corrupting , both present an infinitely greater threat to Azeroth.But one of its biggest flaws was that, with 85 levels, it was a lot of points to manage."At some point the entire system becomes an incomprehensible mess," Hazzikostas explains."Story-wise, we try to think two expansions ahead at this point," he says.

Attractive South Korean mixed martial arts fighter Song Ka Yeon, who turned heads when she appeared in popular variety shows on television such as Running Man, has relocated to Singapore to further her athletic career.

the whole talent tree for a system that, for now, is a lot simpler.

Every 15 levels, you select a talent from one of three choices.

More recently, Legion overhauled each class entirely, eliminating non-essential abilities to refocus on what makes each archetype appealing.

But it's a problem that nearly every area of World of Warcraft struggles with.

"If we keep adding and adding with every expansion, eventually what we end up with becomes very unwieldy.