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In both periods, there weremore than three times as manyadmissions of girls as of boys.

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She has banned Levi from dyingher hair black, but is worried aboutclamping down further in case itcauses further rebellion."I managed to keepcalm and explained to her that people'sminds are very disturbed, andoften they don't really want to die.Butinside I felt sick with worry that Levi isthinking about such things."From being the sort of girl whodressed in pink and played with Barbie dolls, now Levi will wear onlyblack.Recently, Levi asked her mother:"Just why do people kill themselves?""When she asked me that, it made meshudder," says Lorraine, 46, from Alston in Cumbria.Why on earth did their daughter — a popular, intelligent and attractive girl — do such a thing?

They could find only one clue: Hannah was what is known as an "emo".

"I was a punkrocker for a while, and he reassuredme it was probably just a phasethat Levi would grow out of.

"But I don't feel it is like the punk rockmovement.

It's just a music thing, they say, and anyonewho takes it further has somethinginherently wrong with them."If you listen to the lyrics, you willsee there is nothing that promotessuicide; and even if there was, noright-minded person would listen to itand think: 'Now I'm going to killmyself,' ' a self-confessed emo wrotelast week on a music website followingthe inquest into Hannah's death."I don't think anyone can say thatthere is a link between emo andsuicide — it's just a myth.

"Emo hasbecome an easy target for ridicule likethis; but the bottom line is emotionaldoes not mean suicide." That is true, of course.

"I do getteased for being an emo becausesome people at school think it's justabout suicide and self-harm.