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Some furry lifestylers are art fans who choose to wear a collar when with other furries.

Ever since Human beings learnt to draw there has been anthropomorphic porn.Many simply behave in an eccentric way and have no visible furry adornments.There are many types of animal, many types of person and many types of furry.What specifically sets furry art apart from this is it that much of it explores these concepts in a serious thought provoking way.Anthropo MORPHINE is the 's furry fanzine produced by Lazy Fox Studios, who also produce Foxes Are Neat.Every culture in the world has, since then, had its own type of sexual art giving prominence to its own set of sexual characteristics.

So there is sexual furry art from daft big breasted comic heroes to hardcore pornography.

A difference in Furry fandom is that it is largely an egalitarian community; 'stars' occasionally gain a following but in general there are so many artists and producers in the community that no particular individuals have events centered around them.

You don't get fanatical book-signing events, or crowds of furrys chasing particular stars.#UKFurry artwork is any featuring anthropomorphic characters ('funny animals').

Anime Fandom works in a similar way to Furry Fandom - as a label to allow social groups and individuals to communicate and meet.

All fandoms have similar trends such parties and conventions where a crowd descends on a hotel or a house, and trends towards liking particular types of music and dress.

At best, it is more art than porn, but at worst you will stumble across it without warning in furry literature or events, sometimes displayed openly and unashamedly.#UKFurry lifestyling describes furry behaviour that extends beyond merely liking the artwork and espousing a love of the animal world.