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Gmail backdating

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Archived from groups: alt.cellular.verizon (More info? )Verizon Wiress upgraded their billing systems in some areas.

What backdating means in Tamil, backdating meaning in Tamil, backdating definition, examples and pronunciation of backdating in Tamil language.The shipping lines have their own set of code of conduct and ethics and they will not compromise on the same..They might give you a Received for Shipment bill of lading but that too only provided that the containers/cargo has been delivered to the possession of the shipping line on or before the date that is required to be shown on the bill of lading..Alternatively, a letter might be backdated to make it appear that information was provided, or an offer accepted, before the relevant deadline.Backdating a document for the purpose of misleading or deceiving third parties is clearly improper and often triggers civil or criminal liability.If this pre-dating is done, then the bill of lading will show the shipped on board date in accordance with the L/C deadline as required by the shipper, although the cargo was actually loaded and the ship sailed AFTER the deadline..

This constitutes fraud and wilful misrepresentation of the facts to the consignee who is under the pretext that the shipment has been effected within the stipulated time frame..

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The latter category includes situations where a document is backdated to avoid the payment of tax or to claim a tax benefit that would not otherwise be available.

For example, an invoice might be backdated to falsify the date on which revenue was received or on which expenses were incurred in order to claim a tax benefit.

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