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The industrial revolution had driven forward the mechanization of many tasks, and this included weaving.Punched cards controlled Joseph Marie Jacquard's loom in 1801, where a hole punched in the card indicated a binary one and an unpunched spot indicated a binary zero.

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They used machinery that represented continuous numeric quantities, like the angle of a shaft rotation or difference in electrical potential.Beginning in the 1810s, Babbage had a vision of mechanically computing numbers and tables.Putting this into reality, Babbage designed a calculator to compute numbers up to 8 decimal points long.I was pleased that you responded to the Space Bridge TV program and hope that you will write to us regularly.I seek a sincere, honest, fun-loving girl to develop a friendly relationship with, which may later lead to marriage.Jacquard's loom was far from being a computer, but it did illustrate that machines could be driven by binary systems .

Before the 1920s, computers (sometimes computors) were human clerks that performed computations. Many thousands of computers were employed in commerce, government, and research establishments. Some performed astronomical calculations for calendars, others ballistic tables for the military.

But it took more than a century before George Boole published his Boolean algebra in 1854 with a complete system that allowed computational processes to be mathematically modeled .

By this time, the first mechanical devices driven by a binary pattern had been invented.

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The phrase computing machine gradually gave way, after the late 1940s, to just computer as the onset of electronic digital machinery became common.