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The afternoon had not gone as planned to say the least. "You were broad-sided at the light on the corner of State and Main yesterday around 5PM by a potato truck.Curt and I left the office right before lunch and I followed him to his downtown apartment in the new Challenger SRT 392 Charlie bought for me a couple months ago. I don't know the cause or anything like that but they had to cut you out of your vehicle and then they got you here.I had been pestering him for weeks ever since I saw the first one drive past us; a burnt orange rumbling flash. Curt, you were in pretty rough shape when they brought you in. Carlson and I pretty much spent the night with you in surgery. We called the contacts you had in your possessions, your wife I assume but we could not reach her. "Your left pelvis is broken along with the femur on that side. You are going to lose a lot of lower body functions.Oh I can hide it easily enough but it's still there like a cold sore waiting to pop up on the lip. Every time Curt empties his nut in what should be Charlie's exclusive playground or when he has me suck his cock like a cheap whore on the front seat of his Mercedes I have to buttress the resolve to go home as if everything was as Charlie thinks it is. Oh she fucking loves it especially those Napa leather Alcantara seats you had to have... MFH Flash His World 'Dancing...' from Cornell '77 was jamming out the Blaupunkts with the top down in my new Benz-S when I turned the corner down on State a few blocks from Julia's bank office. It's a man's world' was the thought when the pedal hit metal to beat the change... That's a tight window, tighter than any job we've done." Mickey, my senior crew chief was a straight shooter. She used to drive my '71 'Cuda when we were younger, sky blue Hemi with a short throw Hurst and Thompsons to grab the pavement. She stepped back into my life about four months earlier... Come on in." Her face got serious and she stuttered a few words as she entered the foyer. " It was and after a few moments I got her settled into the living room. "That's my husband she's with, taken at an apartment of a friend of his who is out of town for several months.I thought I had the best way to keep it subdued; I'd fuck Charlie into next week and make him feel like a king. He's as happy as a man can be and I get to keep on chasing lust in the afternoons. This afternoon I told Curt it was over; to give me one last royal fuck to remember him by and then I'd have to get right with Charlie in my own mind. He churned me into frothing butter giving me more orgasms throughout the afternoon than I could count. I could hear the low beep of monitors and feeling the IV in my arm let me know I was in a hospital room but beyond that my last clear memory was fucking her, in the apartment I think. "You'll have as many people as you need; 8 on site with 6 trucks and drivers, right? "Yeah, but you already know it could draw a crowd." He was right. The doorbell rang and I set the IPA down on the counter and answered. " Her eyes were wide and with her mouth hanging open like that I actually laughed. She looked absolutely fantastic and I hadn't known she was back in town. Apparently he's using it as a nest for several dalliances with women he works with, one of them being her." She pointed again at the pictures. "I'm not going to let this go on." I'd been through this a couple years ago having been made a cuckold and she had a breakdown trying to convince me to forgive her and let us start over.When I turned to leave out the door I thought 'Maybe one more time later this week won't hurt". I pulled out my new phone that Charlie got me last week when he upgraded our plan but it had gone dead which was odd since I always kept it charging in the SRT when I drove. By then it was 6PM and I knew Charlie would already be arriving home. Once settled, Mickey just walked away laughing his ass off... I had built a good contracting business and with the advice of my partner who had himself gone through two marriages and working on a third I moved as many assets under the company umbrella as possible. She fucked me a month later and every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for the next month we made love to each other until I walked her into the showroom down at the Dodge place to show her the car she was getting. On the weekends the wife seemed to go the extra mile or two to try to make up for the things she thought I knew nothing of. The slut has always been one of the best fucks a man could enjoy. I fucked her like she fucked somebody else during the week... Mickey showed up with his crew and the equipment about 30 minutes after she left for work and they immediately set about loading her stuff into black plastic bags and onto the back of one of the dump trucks.

Finally after I fidgeted around with it for several moments I got it to boot up only to discover it wanted a password to continue. He was going to crap grapes when he heard about the SRT. We built the house as a company property, the same with the vehicles. I had no idea how many swings in the saddle my own wife had taken but I suspected more than twice. My wife picked it all out with a bit of encouragement from me. When they had everything and left for storage, my crackerjacks went to town... Everything of value was stripped out of it including every piece of copper in the place.

Cliché - a phrase, opinion, or circumstance in this case that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.

There are probably a few of them in here but I wrote this not for the Cliques Against Numbing Clichés but because I wanted to play at something different even if it was a chestnut. Flash Burnt Orange "7819 Pinson Drive, please" I said to the man driving the cab as we pulled away from the curb.

Mary was looking in the mirror and suddenly saw the reflection of a scary masked guy standing behind her.

She instinctively turned around and tried to resist him as he began tearing off her dress and panties, but he smashed her lip with a powerful blow and forced his crying victim to swallow his thick cock and then spread her legs to let him penetrate into her tight slit.

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