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Lanisha cole dating

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The judge is primed not only to dismiss allegations of discrimination, but also Stirling's remaining charges that producers should be held responsible for negligent hiring and supervision as well as intentional infliction of emotional distress.

On Tuesday, a California judge tentatively dismissed one of those lawsuits from a woman who claimed she was fired from the show as a result of her pregnancy.Stirling was found wanting in those areas, they said, so she was let go.The model tried to allege that she was forced into taking too much time off during her pregnancy, and that as a result, wasn't given the opportunity to become acquainted with the new staff.Stirling is one of many models who has sued the the many decades since it has been on the air.Others include former Miss USA Brandi Cochran, Dian Parkinson, Holly Hallstrom, and most recently, Lanisha Cole.The show's producers Adam Sandler and Michael Richards might NOT recover so quickly, though…….

Former model Lanisha Cole is suing the two show producers, who aren't actually the well-known actors, for sexually harassing her.

Cole names producers Michael Richards and Adam Sandler in her lawsuit.

(Neither is the actor of the same name.) She alleges that after Richards started dating Lancaster in late 2009, he stopped talking to Cole.

Now his latest boo is Lanisha Cole, former video vixen and Price Is Right dime.

She’s one of the all-time video baes and Nick is still racking them up. taken-by=misslanishacole So let’s take a look at yet another damn reason Nick Cannon is one lucky MFer.

The judge previously dismissed CBS from the lawsuit because the network didn't have anything to do with staffing on the show.