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I understand that things were difficult for everyone but this takes the cake. This really made for a frustrating morning because I don’t understand how this person whose name tag was not on was able to become a manager and she does not know how to count/or recognize money. Corporate response was unconcerned and call center employees were though not rude it still was plain unhelpful. Knowing the employee right off from the mention of a gold tooth ( Their name tags were covered with black tape and we were refused names when we requested them.) asking for us to text the picture to her and even seemingly trying to assure us the issue would be remedied by them along with the district manager.I was the second person in line and still waited for over 10 minutes for the female employee to take my order. I was charged $.50 for cheese on the whoppers, the fries were like rubber (small)were $1.99 and I waited for my order with a small soda for 20 minutes. BOTH burgers were stone cold and one sandwich had a label from a package of tomatoes and a piece of cellophane inside it. I know this can not be the standard for customer service with BK, I am very disappointed, and still very frustrated. After receiving the picture however the manager unwittingly included us in her group text stating ” she did comment to me saying it was mostly blacks working so maybe it was a race thing but there were more white in here then black last night”.

By 1967, there were over 250 Burger King locations and the company was purchased by the Pillsbury Company. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THE LEADERSHIP OF BURGER KING us low life can not get a hold of the higher ups…. Reply Hello I visited your store #10458 this morning and was assisted by a manager wearing all black (button up shirt and pants). Then mixed the spit with the condiments covered her offence with the pickles and walked back to the heat lamp to pretend to pick it up to hand the burger to my fiancee. (WTF) if u are gonna BS a customer at least make sure the customer u are trying to BS does not have 14 years experience in the fast food field, with 9 of those years as a manager Reply (date, time on receipt) Wed Oct 11 2017 PM Location #5037 7000 S. Lakeland, FL 33813 My fiancee and I took our daughter to this disgusting location last night for a quick meal after a long day of running errands and yard work. I think that their corporate office is in a bathroom at the corner gas station. get to the window and was told there are packets for u to do it yourself as they don’t have a way to put extra salt on them.Today, Burger King is one of the largest fast food chains in the world. Tagged as: burger king corporate address, burger king corporate headquarters, burger king corporate office, burger king corporate office address, burger king corporate office email, burger king corporate office fax, burger king corporate office phone, burger king customer complaint desk, burger king customer complaints, burger king head office, burger king headquarters, burger king main office RHODE ISLAND was hit with a terrible storm last week cutting off our electricity for several days. The manager said to me “So you want to pay the rest with your card” and I said “Yes” she told me to swipe my card, which the card did not prompt me to agree to an amount and then it was immediately approved for $1.77:( this tells me that the cashier/manager had no idea of what the coin was still and she handed back to me disregarding our whole exchange. I did get a refund for the whopper meal deal even though we didn’t eat anything including the ten piece nugget ordered from for our daughter which we were not reimbursed for from the manager even though she seemed reluctant to do so all the while insisting I accept yet another remade burger for free.Wanting a hot lunch, I went to the Burger King on Hartford avenue in Johnston, Rhode Island. I said to her “I gave you $3.00 so you should have only ran my card for $.77 to which the cashier/MANAGER just looked at me out of confusion and turned around and continued bagging orders. Now Today after being in contact with corporate and the store manager today I feel that not only have I lost my patience with that location but with the company itself loosing my favorite fast food burger restaurant in the process after their response to the situation.Michigan Ave in Chicago, in the drive thru I ordered 2 croisanwich, 2 hashbrowns and 2 OJ and after that I informed the employee that I had a coupon she screamed through the intercom with an attitude “you got a coupon! It was the manager that brought up that the employee that took the order and the one that spit in the burger are black and the manager I dealt with last night was white.

” First and foremost I am the customer and whatever adjustment needed to be done, should have been done without an attitude. After the manager sent the group text we tried contacting her after replying to it that no she didn’t make said comment and that I have black people in my family; but she wouldn’t answer.

When I pulled up to the window she continuously to shake her head in either disbelief or disgust because she had to do a refund and re-ring in which she thought I needed to know that, again I am the customer.. So another call to corporate to tell them we wanted to talk with someone else due to the manager’s statement and reluctance to answer or return a call concerning her statement.

She is the reason why I would not visit this Burger King again!!! This afternoon another Lady called to say after reviewing video that she couldn’t see the employee doing anything.

When my remade burger was slid under the heat lamp and called out as remake up one of the employees grabbed it proceeded to unwrap it while turning to walk away and we made eye contact.

She took the burger back up and asked for it to be remade and I took her place to wait so she could eat her meal while it was still hot.

Is this acceptable customer service for your establishment?? After going over the events in order adding that she should look to see me almost on top of the counter trying to see what the employee was doing with the burger and for her unwrapping it almost immediately after picking it up then walking away and returning still wrapping it back up to pretend to pick it up and serve it.