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He who does not honor the Son does not honor the Father, who sent Him.

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Far from being a depressing book, Kohelet is there to add to the simcha.Each of the Jewish holidays is characterized by a special biblical book (megillah). Ecclesiastes begins, "Vanity of vanity, says Kohelet, vanity of vanities; all is vanity." It then catalogs the many life philosophies and lifestyles its author, the King of Jerusalem, experimented with and ultimately concluded were vain and empty. On Sukkot, we read Ecclesiastes, known in Hebrew as "Kohelet," the name by which Solomon calls himself in the book.-- can be part of a hevel existence, of a limited, non-growing existence. In addition to his writing career, he is a former yeshivah teacher and principal who has also taught in various outreach capacities.Currently, he is the Deputy Director of Zechor Yemos Olam (the Holocaust education branch of Torah Umesorah) and helps administer its online course to leading educators. The shadows of the temple ritual and the Mosaic Law are fulfilled in Him and His work, and give way to the reality of Him, resurrected and exalted at the right hand of God.

Satan's Reaction: The temptation and fall of Adam and Eve II. The Three Wilderness-Pilgrimage Eras of Human History a. All human history funnels down to this point, and expands forth from it.

However, in the sukkah the Shechinah, the Divine presence, is shining through the schach (the thin, thatch-like roof), enveloping our entire being in holiness -- adding meaning and a dynamic to ordinary life. A little clod of earth can create and embody Godliness. In other words, there are instances of hevel in the second verse.

Our entire physical existence becomes a mitzvah, a holy act. The sages teach this refers to the seven days of the week, implying that every day of the week -- even Shabbat!

Gen.; Deut.; Ps.2; 110; Is.9:1-7; 11:1-5; 49:5-7; -; Dan.-14; Zech.13:1).

Judgment, Restoration and Replacement I: Positional Victory (Progeny and Promise) 1. Just as each human life is divided into two distinct phases, the acceptance of Christ (or rejection of God) being the fundamental turning point, so God has ordered human history in such a way that the appearance of His beloved Son to effect salvation through His death on the cross forms "the conjunction of the ages" (Heb.; cf. Throughout the Old Testament period, the promise of a coming Savior was clearly given by God, "at many times and in many ways" (Heb.1:1; cf.

The purpose of Kohelet is to ponder this question: What on earth are we doing here? What benefit does a person have, what benefit can he expect, if he invests that labor for which he was created in an activity "beneath the sun," in an existence controlled and defined by the sun, by physical existence? However, while labor beneath the sun has no ultimate benefit, labor above the sun does.