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Pregnancy if not married but dating

Please obtain your own professional medical advice on your pregnancy because NONE of the information below has been fact checked.*Again, please make sure you seek your own professional medical advice on your pregnancy.I repeat, the information below has NOT been fact checked.*I found school extremely boring, although I did quite well somehow.

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I knew they would scan me and DH would see his baby. This was to be the beginning of the real nightmare, I’d go as far as to say pure hell that would be the rest of my pregnancy all thanks to the good old British NHS. More research on pregnancy tests showed me that the Hook effect when you have too much HCG can cause a false negative on urine and blood tests.She didn’t offer any follow-up and frankly, I was too out of it to care. Fast forward seven years to September 2012 and I had divorced 4 years earlier and remarried.I was doing quite well as a musician and working hard at my Open University maths degree.My husband, however, could not believe that I was pregnant as my tubes had been clipped and my belly was so tiny but that was due to the tummy tuck. I had had very bad abdominal adhesions and scarring with each section, it took over an hour to cut in to get my last baby out, I also had scarring from the tummy tuck.Either way, he said unless he saw the baby on a scan he could not believe it. The tummy tuck made me carry very high and towards my back, all basic knowledge for anyone who gets pregnant after a tummy tuck. So although I was around five months and baby should have been seen, they could not explain the movement, my growing tummy the few positive tests and why my heart beat was 141 without breaking a sweat!The teachers could never figure this out so they sent me for testing.

I was found to have a very high IQ and was diagnosed as “gifted”(which basically means your idea of bliss is reading textbooks and studying piano sheet music), so my college teachers pushed me into going to medical school and I was tempted.

I bought first-year medical textbooks instead of the makeup and teenage clothes my friends were into and actually taught myself quite a lot from almost constant medical and scientific reading.

Under almost every cause of the diseases, I read about were the words, ‘ethology unknown,’ meaning that doctors did not know what caused them.

I must have been around 3 months pregnant by then, but it was hard to tell without a dating scan and a cycle each month.

I do know that I did not sleep with my husband after October as I suspected pregnancy and the monthly spotting/cycles made me nervous.

How could I be pregnant if my tubes were clipped and I had been getting my cycle, albeit 2 days shorter?! I was relieved, my pregnancy tests had always been strong positives a few days after a missed cycle, so I could not be pregnant. After much internet searching, I realised that, yes, some women spot during pregnancy a bit like a normal cycle each month and that negative pregnancy tests are never 100% accurate. If not I’d just send it back to Amazon Prime – the Doppler, not the baby :-).