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Prince andrew currently dating

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"Just as William and Kate dated for years before becoming engaged, Harry and Meghan are taking the time to get to know each other and develop a strong relationship before taking any next steps," she said.

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"There’s just no comparison to Wallis Simpson, who was widely detested and the fact that she had two former husbands living went totally against the rules (then) of the Church of England," Smith says.The roar of a million voices on The Mall in London shouting, "Kiss her, Harry!"Well, probably, but best not to get too far ahead of things when it comes to royal engagements and royal weddings."Basically, she said, 'Watch this space.' " The British tabloids, whose natural state is frenzied watchfulness about royal affairs, are on high alert now.Even before the duo's appearance Monday at a wheelchair tennis match, publications such as the and Metro were predicting that an engagement would be announced by the end of the year, with a wedding in 2018."We know she and Harry are in love and likely to get engaged, perhaps with a wedding in the summer," says British PR consultant and royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliam.Actress Meghan Markle says that she and Prince Harry are "really happy and in love" and that his support has helped her weather the media storm about their relationship.

Markle, 36, talked about her year-long relationship with the 33-year-old prince, in the latest issue of she met Harry in July 2016 in London "through friends." Talking openly to media about a romantic relationship with a member of the Royal Family breaks with tradition, Carolyn Harris, a royal historian and author based in Toronto, told CBC News in an email.

The signs the Harry/Meghan relationship was serious were already obvious even before this week: Markle was called Harry's "girlfriend" in an official palace press release in November.

She abruptly curtailed all her hitherto active social media posting and blogging shortly after, in keeping with royal protocol against blabbing on Twitter and Instagram and the like.

It's possible, Smith says, he asked her to marry him then, and they're only waiting for the right moment to make the announcement.

This is what happened with Will and Kate, who got privately engaged in Kenya in October 2010 and waited until the following month to announce it.

"The likelihood that he will ever wear a crown is pretty remote at this stage, but he's an exceedingly valuable and popular member of the royal family," says Smith.