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Teresa palmer russell brand dating

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The very thin paper is in excellent condition and I'm doing my best to keep it that way.

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This is amazingly unfolded and from an era of paper shortage.No Down Payment (1957) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell Joanne Woodward * Sheree North * Tony Randall * Jeffrey Hunter * Cameron Mitchell * Patricia Owens * Barbara Rush * Pat Hingle Life in 50's California suburbs without Starbucks, nothing to get out of bed for.Silk Stockings (1957) Quad Fred Astaire * Cyd Charisse * Janis Paige * Peter Lorre * George Tobias I don't know who the arist is for this but I love that they put subtle pokies on the profile of Cyd Charisse's bust.) but in case there was any doubt, let's have a picture of Pauline Collins in her undies.This film is not un-related to Primitive London above, and uses some of it outtakes as stock footage for the real Windmill Girls.There is also a stripped down red art version of this that comes up now and then.

A Blonde in Love (1965) Quad Art: Peter Strausfeld, linocut Hana Brejchov * Vladimr Pucholt * Vladimr Mensk * Ivan Kheil * Jir Hrub Czechoslovakian B&W film that I have never seen called "Lsky jedn plavovlsky", try saying that after your 4th (or even first) pint.

It's got a good picture of Olivia De Havilland with an eye patch, argh, but nothing to do with pirates..

Teenage Rebel (1956) Quad Ginger Rogers * Michael Rennie * Betty Lou Keim * Warren Berlinger * Diane Jergens B&W parent and teenager angst from the 50's.

A lot of these I have never seen, especially the 50's ones. Well, sometimes the art and sometimes they came as lots with other posters.

I find it hard to let any of them go even if they aren't my core interest of Horror and British comedies.

Nice art in my opinion though, despite the watery smudge in top left.