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Located on the border between Ninglang County in Yunnan Province and Yanyuan County in Sichuan Province, about 230km north of Lijiang and about 700km south of Chengdu, Lugu Lake is famous for its peculiar natural scenery, unique and mysterious culture of the Mosuo people, and matriarchal system and walking marriage custom.

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Lots of markets are located in the less well visited places in the north, whilst some are well known and heavily visited by tourists.The average elevation of Lugu Lake is about 2690m and its area is about 48.45 square kilometers.Its shape looks like a horse's hoof and is long from north to south and narrow from east to west.Sapa market and the market in Bac Ha are examples of the more well known, mainly because of their easier availability.The most authentic and sometimes harder to get to, take place mainly in the province of Ha Giang and Lao probably the most interesting place in northern Vietnam. Right now at this moment in time Ha Giang is a unique gem, but no doubt this will probably gradually change .

The first global geopark in Vietnam is the Dong Van Karst global geopark also in Ha Giang province.

You can buy a lot of products and more in these ethnic markets.

Mainly available are textiles, jewelry, decorative accessories, animals (buffalo, dogs, goats, horses …). In the article below there is Some ethnic markets in northern Vietnam have hundreds of years of history behind them and maintain their own cultural traditions of the ethnic populations.

At present, it is very convenient to visit the Lugu Lake Tourist Areas both from Chengdu or Lijiang.

Tourists can choose to go there by regular long-distance bus, renting a car, flight and car, train and car.

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