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Unicef dating scam

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Now use the names, first flower and sweet sweetie on skype. Idroj (Spain) Report N86 (added on May, 28, 2014) I was contacted by her on Christian mingle. Then she asked me to go to Yahoo Messenger because it would be easier and she would send me some photos to my yahoo email. Told her know b UT I would meet her in a country she could fly to or come visit Accra. I suspected all along but this person prayed on my desire for a young attractive lady.Floretta claimed she was a midwife working with UNICEF. She asked if we could exchange cell numbers so we could text. When I tried to text the cell number from NY it was never responded to. one is on this site and I am slowly getting more info' out of her. Waiting for request for money first and will report. She got mad and said the only way to see me in Accra was if I did some sort of ritual. This person used webcam footage that never quite matched up but was believable enough, even used sketchy footage blaming it on the rain and poor footage. Bo (Denmark) Report N104 (added on May, 21, 2015) Says she was born in Alton OH, until age of 3 then father took her to London. Asks for money for rent, food and extras, not a lot but small amounts $350, $150, etc....

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Told that she studied in London at Kings College Florance Nightingale School of Nurshing and Midwifery that she was taken from London to Benin without Passport or any Id and Money as PA of Dr.She has send me several Health Reports, X- rays and Doctor Reports which are not to be as she could be seen in Webcam nor her explaination that her broken Leg, Wrist and Shoulder bones to be heeled in less than half a year with herbal treatments in West African Benin. Kelly APILINE Bith are given as Foctors on Larry Saint Hospital Akinjinde Buhari Jelili for Money transfer in Western Union Benin and Nigeria No.Everything by now seem to me too very fake and untrust worthy. 234 Badagary Express Way Lagos Marry was supposed to be admitted in hospital in 02 March 2012 but fake documents was sent dating 02 March 2013 at PM admission no: 235388 In her US Passport date of birth was and possibly works with Miss.know be careful never made a skype account on my request anybody can make that!! during comunication she make new email: my serach and many of her mistake. Be very careful spelling and punctuation is almost perfect. Keith (England) Report N78 (added on January, 28, 2014) Known scammer.and acting like shes a poor girl and for me to help her by sending money to her ive been scammed by him, her!! Roy (USA) Report N79 (added on February, 20, 2014) Scammer from Africa. I could tell right away I was dealing with an African scammer. Also never called me by my name all ways called me babe or baby.6, Bad Worishofen, 86825, Germany 123 Brandon Road, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, 23401 77 Fast Egabon, Cotonou, Republic of Benin 44 Glover street, Accra, Ghana High Street 8818, Accra, Ghana No 5 Mile 7 street, Mile 7 park, New Achimota, Accra, Ghana Kotobabi down c216/12, Accra, Ghana, 0023 c184/10 Kane she station, Accra, Ghana, 00233 Abeka-lapaz, Accra, Ghana, 00233 Lawson Street, Accra, Ghana, 00233 10 Abeka road, Accra, Ghana Ahodwo, Kumasi, Ghana Prempre the second street, Adum PLT 3 Block D, Kumasi, Ghana HAJIA YAA DUFIE, PLOT 7 BLOCK O, KUMASI, GHANA, 233 147 Shaba street, Accra, Ghana, 002332347066708043 18052705405 233241273719 13232489718 12052085257 2139739527 2348149494926 233506860098 0022996824128 002347015198746 233267897920 9033458393 7186353072 233242478818 233576021724 233575730314 23343475869 00233244831046 4022858808 233267622100 233546555908 2252615746 002348092011739 233242642082 233548474540 233540754467 233245446816 [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected][email protected][email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@YAHOO. [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@Adult Contacts, Arab Matchmaking, Arrangement Finders, Asian Dating, Badoo, Christian Mingle, Exotics Dubai 6, Face Book, Filipino Cupid, Fish Meet Fish, Flirt, Fruit of Love, Google Hangouts, Hi 5, Holostyak, International Cupid, Linked In, Match, Mate 1, Mingle 2, Moco Space, Muslims 4 Marriage, Ok Cupid, Our Time, Plenty of Fish, Singles Dating World, Skype, Stranger Meet Up, Tagged, Thai Love Lines, Top Face, Truly Asian, VKontakte, Wamba, Waplog, Whats App, Yahoo Messenger Report N74 (added on January, 15, 2014) I met Emily Harold on mate1 dating site. She told me her parents died in a car wreck and she was in Nigeria for Religious program.

Emily told me she was in love with me and wanted to come here and marry. Roger Evans (USA) Report N75 (added on January, 15, 2014) Writes messages on facebook out of the blue copies and pastes scam letters from google i fell for it like a sucker ask for money and makes it sounds convincing asks for money and promises to pay it back never did asks for money everytime we chatted for food made me fell in love for her and phone scam operations i fell for a call forwarding scam by this imposter lol thought i was gonna talk to her for the first time in the phone he, she got me good there. but still her whatsapp seem work but no anwer of her. Ahmad (Iran) Report N77 (added on January, 23, 2014) Three profiles on HI5 Ghana, USA, AND VIENNA AUSTRIA. I have pkotos off her different sites for you to dissplay.

He does not talk much to me since I told him that I look for food in the garbage and I can not help.

However, it keeps telling me that knows that things will improve and help. I think I sent between different times, will rise about 600 OO ? The fact that the photographs had sent me with different names, identified. The end of history will be when to communicate is a professional con artist. Then for her visa and plan trip to the states, then to get her passport. She likes qouting poetry or sonsongs about love and trust. Airic (USA) Report N98 (added on February, 10, 2015) This person used skype to approach me and promised romance and marriage.

Jason (USA) Report N87 (added on May, 28, 2014) Hi Carefully she going to use u :) First meeting in mocospace Asked me for my yahoo account To chating there, sent 2 pic and she from USA in the end asked for phone number I reject. I then searched her name and email address on this site. And It is acctually the Pictures and filmclips used by another scammer reported on this website, named Leoca Hagar, with everything that comes with it. Katie (Australia) Report N101 (added on March, 31, 2015) Veux Etre mon ami et plus a long terme car elle a personne et elle a vu ma photo sur un site web et elle a tomb E en amour avec moi veux a tout pris ce voir sur Skype pour parl E et plus encore et apr Os demande a avoir de l'argent car elle ses que je suis marie elle a toute mes information et elle va rejoindre ma conjointe pour lui parl E de elle et lui montrer une petite vid Eo ect... She claims that she is the poor niece of an uncle from Ghana who lives in Adelaide, Australia.

2days later we chat again her story she afraid and she lost her father in usa , and she want come and marry me She is very poor and need 150usd. The videos used by this scammer are the same ones that was used by Leoca during my webchat. Denis (Canada) Report N102 (added on April, 8, 2015) I received a random skype request from her. This woman is very clever and eventually asks for money to be sent by Western Union to Ghana for her sick Granny.

I asked her to turn cam mic or phone she dont have asked her to send me photocopy of her passport guess what lol she sent 5kb pic with very very bad quality that she is holding it but I told her scan it and send it. Erik (Sweden) Report N91 (added on June, 17, 2014) She Started with chat with me as is a cardiac nurse working for voluntary work, and she does not get a dime from the charity, she lives in London, she writes lots of nice emails, and promises of marriage etc... I found her picture on a scam site, so I know that she is a scammer. Jim (Canada) Report N106 (added on July, 2, 2015) This girl (? After 15 days she was crazy about me, and told me that she would tell her father about our upcoming marriage.