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Updating extensions conf

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Both Native mode and Share Point mode report servers use the RSReport Server.config, however the two modes do not use all of the same settings in the configuration file.

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Stores the domain, user name, and password of a domain account that is used by a report server to connect to a report server database.The Share Point configuration database contains configuration settings that apply to specific service applications.The settings that are stored in the Configuration database and managed through the Share Point management pages can be different for each Reporting Services service application.Once the limit is reached, further processing requests are denied. Do not modify URL reservations in the configuration file directly.Always use the Reporting Services Configuration Manager or the Report Server WMI provider to create or modify URL reservations for a Native mode report server.The RSReport Server.config is located in the following folders, depending on the report server mode: Applies to: SQL Server 2016 For more information on editing the file, see Modify a Reporting Services Configuration File (RSreportserver.config).

The following table provides information about general configuration settings that appear in the first part of the file.

Specifies the connection string to the database server that hosts the report server database.

This value is encrypted and is added to the configuration file when you create the report server database.

For more information, see Configure Report Server URLs (SSRS Configuration Manager) and URLs in Configuration Files (SSRS Configuration Manager). If it is not present in the RSReport Server.config file, the server might not be configured.

If it is specified, all child elements except for Account Name are required.

This value is set when you configure a URL to use HTTP or HTTPS in the Reporting Services Configuration tool.