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we currently updating our website-78

As a result of their commitment to quality and value, Arconic is the world’s leading producer of aluminum sheet and plate products.By utilising state-of-the-art technology, equipment and processing systems, through key suppliers, we offer a unique cast aluminium tooling plate that is specified for a wide and diverse range of manufacturing applications.

we currently updating our website-14

Some of our larger contracts with leading Aerospace & Defence contractors in Australia such as BAE Systems Australia, Thales Australia and Boeing Aerostructures Australia, as well as Tier-2 Defence sub-contractors across Australia have included supplying metal and parts for the following projects: Armour plate upgrades to the M113 armoured personnel carrier ESSM (Raytheon Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile) Eurofighter Typhoon JSF (Joint Strike Fighter, Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II) NULKA Decoy Missile Calm Aluminium has links to various companies across the globe.Due to its versatility, and consistent mechanical and dimensional characteristics, ATP-5™ is the product of choice for those applications where flatness and dimensional control are critical.This product has outstanding machinability, excellent high speed cutting rates, and exceptional feed rates, all of which contribute to reducing machining time and improving efficiencies.We supply to a vast range of industries, big and small, but here are some specific examples of the end use of some of our products: Aluminium Sheet in Grade 2024, 60 for the recreational flying industry Aluminium Caul Sheet and Caul Plate used in the manufacture of plywood Aluminium Tubes used as Ski Poles on Jet Boats Anodised sheet used for Architectural Applications High Perfomance Metals used in Drag Bikes and Drag Cars The metal we sell is certied to various standards across the globe.Some specific standards (depending on the actual grade of aluminium) include: AMS 40 AMS 40 AMS-QQ-A-200/8 AMS-QQ-A-250/11 AMS-WW-T-700/6 ASME SB-209 ASME SB-221 ASTM B928 ASTM B209 ASTM B221 ASTM B928 DNV Certified We stock many grades of aluminium.Whether it be with suppliers like Vista Metals or AMAG rolling Gmb H...

or industry bodies like AIDN (Australian Industry & Defence Network), we have established strategic alliances with companies who not only have quality product, but provide exceptional service and reliability.

We can supply full size product or cut to the exact size you need. Along with material supply, coupling our in-house processes with a network of local and global suppliers and contractors, we can offer the following services: “Calm Aluminium was established in 2002 to market products and services to the Aerospace, Defence and Toolmaking industries in Australia and New Zealand and also to act as a technical adviser of correct materials and alloys for the related markets.

From its inception, Calm Aluminium has achieved competitive prices and lead times for Aluminium and other products for the local industry.” “We have come a long way.

Calm Aluminium specialises in the sourcing and supply of aluminum for structural applications.

Our core product base includes aluminium in grades 6061, 2024, 7050, 70.

All metal is supplied with full mill certification as standard with all shipments from overseas.