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When to start dating again quiz

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If you bristle at the thought of being a victim, that is a sure sign that you have way more victim energy than you are aware of. That is exactly why I created the whole Goblin idea. Love is the substance that materializes as you, your soulmate and even the friends and family who get on your last nerve. Love is experienced with your heart and not your brain.It is much easier to “blame” something or somebody and when you hold your Goblin responsible you empower yourself to wake yourself up to who you are. Love is a creative force that connects all living things. The Goblin does not want you to know what real love is, but it is not because it wishes for you to be sad and miserable. In the Heart Dynamix™ module of The Master Intuitive Coach® Institute training, I dive in deep to this exact dilemma.

This quiz has 15 questions to ask you about your relationship.When your Goblin is not activated, the truth has a chance to flow to and through you. True Love heals but you must disarm your Goblin to access the healing.Your ego mind will keep you in analysis, thinking and judgment as long as you let it.Readers of my best selling book, the Map, continually write to me and rave about how finding the clues along their personal inner Maps is reaping great rewards.So why does your intuition get all fuzzy when it comes to matters of the heart? Your Goblin does NOT want you to get this bit of truth, so listen in...Culturally, you are surrounded by ego worship making the choice for love even more difficult and feeding your Goblin a lot of energy keeping you stuck in separateness and singleness.

Facing, accepting and embracing your wounded ego puts your Goblin to sleep and reignites your intuition.

I have a constant sense of separation and anxiety even when with my family and friends.

I believe that Love is something that happens to you rather than a creative force.

Even if you think you aren't ready, sometimes it just takes a few small changes to get ready and welcome love into your life!

Whatever your current situation, this test can help you to find out if what you currently THINK is what is actually going on in your heart! If you have questions, need relationship advice, want to know where to go from here or are just confused by the dating world and want to talk to someone LIVE about it, you can!

You might very well be experiencing rocking success with the other parts of your life.